How To Customize PS3 XMB Fonts

by Mike Bendel September 24, 2010 @ 6:02 pm

Here’s a nifty customization technique uncovered by our friends over at Nyleveia, allowing users to give their PS3 XMB a more personal touch by replacing the default font with that of a custom one, provided your unit is “jailbroken.” It entails simply replacing two files located on the PS3’s dev_flash partition. A step-by-step process is detailed below.

Caution: To avoid any risk of bricking of your unit, it comes recommended to load firmware files through a sandbox-like environment using JaiCraB’s firmware loader.

* Download a TTF format font of your choose, rename the file to SCE-PS3-SR-R-LATIN. Make a copy and rename the resulting file to SCE-PS3-SR-R-LATIN2.

* Locate the aformentioned files in /dev_flash/data/font/ either on your PS3’s flash or external drive if using the USB firmware loader and replace them both, using a file manager application such as PS3 FTP.

* From within the XMB, navigate to the “Theme Settings” subsection and select either “rounded” or “pop” to load your custom font.

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