PSFreedom Backported To PS3 Firmware 3.01, 3.15

by Mike Bendel October 1, 2010 @ 10:48 pm

Here’s good news for Linux faithful: homebrew developer KaKaRoTo, the original author behind PSFreedom, has incorporated support for earlier PS3 firmware revisions — specifically 3.01 and 3.15. What’s the advantage, you ask? Well, it means those who have been reluctant to take the update plunge following Sony’s controversial removal of OtherOS in 3.21 can now jailbreak their PS3.

Previously, the payload patches targeted only 3.41. Those interested can head on over to the PL3 github to compile a build that fits your fancy. KaKaRoTo also notes that several development-oriented utilities are featured in this release, such as the ability to dump LV2 kernel space. Additionally, a 3.10 compatible take is due out soon.

For those on 3.41 longing for Linux support, hang tight. As we reported last week, Marcan of Team Twiizers fame is working on a custom bootloader dubbed AsbestOS. It’s also nearing completion judging from recent updates on his Twitter.

PSFreedom now supports firmware 3.01 and 3.15 [KaKaRoTo]

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