Source: Sony Begins Phasing Out PSP Development Kits

by Mike Bendel October 6, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

SCEE has issued a statement to SCE DevNet partners, which denotes that DTP-T2000A and DTP-H2500A series development tools will no longer be sold from November 15 onward, according to a report from French site PSPGen. The full alert reads as follows:

SCEE will no longer be selling the PSP Development Tool (DTP-T2000A) or Testing Tool (DTP-H2500A) past November 15th. Please order in advance if you require these development units.

We will advise you when a new model becomes available

Does this mean the end of our beloved handheld is nigh? Well, we wouldn’t quite go that far, but its days are slowly becoming numbered. Recent talk suggests PSP2 dev hardware is already in the hands of a select few studios, which this report certainly jives with. Makes sense to start clearing out stock for new tech. It’s an inevitable transition.

La fin de la PSP actuelle se confirme “officiellement” [PSPGen]

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