Medal of Honor Requires PSJailbreak-Killing PS3 Firmware 3.42

by Mike Bendel October 6, 2010 @ 10:01 pm

It was inevitable: according to user “lineX7” over at the PSX-Scene forums, the PS3 version of Medal of Honor requires firmware 3.42 to play. This, of course, is the same firmware that renders all forms of the PSJailbreak hack inoperable.

Given how quick the 3.42 update itself was released to prevent those with jailbroken units from accessing PSN resources, Sony’s swift response comes as little surprise.

Said user also confirms that simple workarounds, such as modifying the game’s SFO file to reference an earlier firmware, simply result in the PS3 throwing a “80010019” error. Unless a custom firmware a la the PSP’s M33 or equivalent materializes, it seems those on 3.41 holding out for homebrew are stuck at a crossroad at this point.

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