Rumor: PS Downgrade Announced, Supports ‘All Future Firmware’

by Mike Bendel November 12, 2010 @ 9:42 am

Update: Video has since been removed from YouTube, citing a violation of its “policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

A universal downgrade solution for PS3 units may soon be nigh. A team claiming to be behind the initial PSJailbreak hack have unveiled a software add-on dubbed PSDowngrade that allows users to downgrade regardless of which firmware is currently installed, including 3.42 and 3.50. Specifically, the website touts compatibility with “all past, current and future firmwares.”

Not surprisingly, the site also claims PS Downgrade “is ONLY compatible with original PS Jailbreak, no clones or inferior USB dongles.” We’ll see what the hacking community has to say about that..

In the meantime, catch a video of the supposed downgrade voodoo above. Consider us skeptical until a workable product is released.

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