PS3 Homebrew: Doom

by Mike Bendel November 22, 2010 @ 4:19 pm

Adding to the mind-boggling amount of Doom ports out in the wild is homebrew developer xttl’s PS3 take on the demonic FPS classic. Running natively under GameOS, it’s still early yet. That means hard-coded controls, a locked resolution, and no music.

The author plans to implement several enhancements for later builds, including support for a USB keyboard and mouse combo as well as proper aspect ratio scaling by leveraging the PS3’s RSX GPU.

A variety of WAD-format content files are supported, including those packaged as shareware. Look past the break for release notes and a download.


D-PAD: Navigate menus and move/turn your character.
START: Bring up or exit the menu.
SELECT: Bring up or exit the auto-map. (while in game)
L1/R1: Strafe left/right.
L2: Use button. (open doors, activate lifts, exit the intermission screen, etc.)
R2: Attack button.
CROSS: Select an option from the menus.
CIRCLE: Go back to the previous menu.
SQUARE: Use for YES in menus and cycle to previous weapon in game.
TRIANGLE: Use for NO in menus and cycle to next weapon in game.

Supported IWADs:

doom2.wad (DOOM 2: Hell on Earth)
doom.wad (The Ultimate DOOM or regular registered DOOM)
plutonia.wad (Final DOOM: Plutonia Experiment)
tnt.wad (Final DOOM: TNT – Evilution)
doom1.wad (shareware DOOM)

Note that any WAD files must be placed under “/dev_hdd0/game/DOOM00666/USRDIR/” or “/ps3doom/” if running from an external HDD.

Download Doom PS3 0.2

via PSX-Scene

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