Sony Readies Firmware Updates To Combat PS3 Hacks

by Mike Bendel January 6, 2011 @ 11:16 am

While the PS3’s security has been blown wide open as a result of recent hacking efforts, that isn’t stopping Sony from fighting the good fight. In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, a Sony spokesperson claims that a series of network updates are on the way to combat these developments.

Sony would not spare details on the upcoming firmware, declining to provide further information due to the sensitive nature of security issues.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, but we reckon the odds won’t be in favor of Sony this time. With the root key out in the open, the only remedy is a hardware change.

In fact, well-known hackers are already downplaying Sony’s claims. In a BBC interview, fail0verflow member pytey noted that “The complete console is compromised – there is no way back. The only way to fix this is to issue new hardware. Sony will have to accept this.”

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