Sony Files Lawsuit Over PS3 Hacks, Names Geohot, Fail0verflow Team

by Mike Bendel January 11, 2011 @ 6:17 pm

Sony’s legal suits are at it again, filing a lawsuit against famed hacker George “Geohot” Hotz and the fail0verflow team. Along with Hotz, it specifically names Hector Martin and Sven Peter, both of whom gave a revealing presentation on Sony’s broken PS3 security last month at 27C3. 100 other individuals have been targeted as well, although they remain unnamed.

The suit contests that said defendants are in violation of DMCA under U.S. law, pointing to the recent publication of the PS3’s encryption routines and subsequent release of Hotz’s firmware 3.55 jailbreak.

It seems Sony isn’t letting this slide, not without a fight. More as it breaks. For those unable to access Geohot’s site, we’ve mirrored the relevant court orders in PDF format below.

Download Motion For TRO.pdf
Download Proposed Order.pdf

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