PSP2 Boasts 3G Connectivity, OLED Touch Screen

by Mike Bendel January 23, 2011 @ 11:21 am

The PSP2 is shaping up to be one well-specced powerhouse, if a recent leak from Japan’s business daily Nikkei is any indication.

According to the paper, the upcoming handheld will boast 3G connectivity powered by NTT DoCoMo, the region’s leading cellular provider. While the 3G service will not allow for phone calls, gamers can use it for online gaming sessions and to download digital offerings. Essentially, the move gives internet access from almost anywhere in Japan. There’s no word on any fees involved.

What’s more, is that handheld reportedly touts an OLED touch screen. When it comes to screen quality, OLED is the pinnacle right now — offering inky blacks and a CRT-like response time.

Again, no word on price, but we can’t imagine it’ll come cheap. Based on these specs, $350-400 seems like a reasonable estimate. With Sony scheduled to lift the veil on the PSP2 later this week, we’ll know more soon.

PSP2 to Have 3G Support, Arrives This Year [Andriasang]

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