Project PS3MFW Teased, Modified Firmware Builder for PS3

by Mike Bendel February 1, 2011 @ 12:11 pm

In response to the onslaught of recent PS3 ‘custom’ firmware releases that have hit the homebrew scene, developer KaKaRoTo of PSFreedom fame has teased a new project he is working on along with other prominent devs: PS3MFW.

In essence, it’s an all-in-one customizable tool that allows users to build their own modified firmware. It includes an API-driven framework that “facilitates the modification process.” Additionally, it’s completely open-source, which means qualified contributions are welcomed. The interface, as pictured above, is fairly straightforward and comes with a wide range of options. This includes the ability to remove unwanted icons from the XMB and install various homebrew-enabling patches.

Project PS3MFW Announced [PS3MFW]

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