Sony Wants To Subpoena PS3 Hack Sites, Other Hackers In Legal Crosshairs

by Mike Bendel February 5, 2011 @ 5:18 pm

Guns are a blazing over at Sony’s legal branch, with a new round of filings that indicate the firm is seeking to subpoena user accounts and related data from several information havens for PS3 hacks. This includes the likes of Slashdot, YouTube, Twitter, PSX-Scene, and Github. Sony wants the sites to furnish “all information and documents” that reproduce “server logs, IP address logs, account
information, account access records, and application or registration forms.”

This comes as part of an effort to expand the ongoing case it is building against the PS3 hacking scene. Additionally, Sony is actively searching for information on a number of homebrew developers involved in the creation of custom firmware and related hacks, including Waninkoko, Graf_Chokolo, and KaKaRoTo. It seems just about every hacker that’s made waves in the scene is now in Sony’s legal crosshairs.

More  as it breaks. You can download the latest batch of filings here.

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