CVOS v3.1 Beta Recovers Bricked PS3 Units

by Mike Bendel March 7, 2011 @ 5:30 pm

While not quite a universal remedy for PS3 bricks, it’s a start. Spanish developer Nesi_Tor of Team Hades has released CVOS v3.1, an app that aims to recover PS3 units that were rendered inoperable to due a bad firmware flash or related mishaps. The only clincher is that it requires a hardware NAND reader in order to dump the analyze the firmware.

That unfortunately puts this tool out of reach for many — but as we said, it’s a step forward. A translated changelog is past the break.

* Check and analyze firmware dumps, correcting any flaws, thus repairing the internal firmware of our PS3.
* Extract core PS3 files (read lv2_kernel.self, eurusfw.bin, etc …).
* Allows viewing of both full NAND Dumps and packages such as CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg.
* Finds and extracts the User Profile (EID, bootloaders, etc) and dumps interlaced with the flow rebuilder.

Download CVOS v3.1 Beta

CVOS, Tool to recover data from Bricks PS3 [Demonhades]

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