PS3 Hacker George Hotz Continues To Fight for Jurisdiction

by Mike Bendel March 28, 2011 @ 5:41 pm

PS3 hacker George Hotz’s long-winded legal battle with SCEA continues, this time with his lawyers poking holes in the opposition’s argument. In a recent filing, they argue that Hotz had no knowledge of where SCEA was based prior to the suit — or its relation to SCE Japan. In all honesty — while it’s hard to believe that someone as astute as Geohot was clueless about SCEA, his lawyers make a solid case as to why.

Specifically highlighted is the disconnect between both firms when it comes to rights and ownership of the PS3 brand, bringing into question the ability to stake jurisdiction on the case:

“When one purchases a Playstation Computer and looks at its outer box, it has plastered on numerous places that it is a product of Sony Japan and all rights belong to Sony Japan. It only references Sony Japan– not SCEA. When one takes the Playstation Computer out of its box and inspects it, it states it is a product of Sony Japan and all rights belong to Sony Japan. It does not reference California,” reads the filing.

Also referenced is Sony’s recent allegation that Hotz created a PSN account last year — “blickmaniac.” Hotz’s lawyers point out that a recent forum post on PS3Hax purports an individual that claims to be the owner of said account.

Regardless, Hotz’s lawyers feel that any citing PSN data as evidence is dubious at best, given that users can easily signup under different aliases not tied to a verified billing address.

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