Sony Believes OtherOS Plaintiffs Involved In ‘Hacking Conspiracy,’ Wants To Inspect Hard Drives

by Mike Bendel April 3, 2011 @ 3:45 pm

Sony has moved to dismiss claims made in a class action lawsuit by avid PS3 Linux users, a litigation that was prompted earlier last year following the company’s removal of Other OS. In a filing dug up by Groklaw, Sony is asking the court for permission to inspect the hard drives of those involved in the suit, on the basis that they may possibly be involved in a ‘hacking conspiracy.’ Additionally, Sony wants access to the data to determine if their claims of actually using the Other OS feature have merit.

Interestingly, in the court documents, SCEA claims that it had no say in the decision to nix Other OS, that it was all SCEI’s doing. This is in contrast to the SCEA v. Hotz case, in which SCEA has repeatedly touted itself as the main face behind the PS3. Hmm. Conflicting statements abound, makes it easy to see why Geohot was confused.

After the break, you can take a look at some of the keywords Sony wants to perform a search under. Not surprisingly, Hotz and Geohot are listed in there. There’s also a few gems, like “Air Force.” You may recall that the USAF expressed its disappointment over the OtherOS removal, following a purchase of over 1000 PS3 units used to build a computational cluster.

SCEA’s Proposed Keywords
“Operating System”
“Other OS”
“Update” within 5 of 3.21

Additional Keywords
Open platform
April 1, 2010
Air Force
Yellow Dog
Third Party System Software

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