CWCheat 0.1.9 Rev G

by Mike Bendel October 13, 2007 @ 1:21 pm

Homebrew developer weltall has rolled out an update to his popular PSP cheat hacking application known as CWCheat. Changes in this release consist of various optimizations, improved compatibility with iRShell, an undo function for the cheat searcher, and a new inverse jocker code type.


– [GAME] Added a new code type: inverse jocker code. It works just like the jocker code but it skips specified lines if the specified buttons are
pressed. 0xDnnnnnnn 0x2vvvvvvv n = number of lines skipped (n= 0 => 1) v = keymask
– [GAME] Corrected a little glitch in the 32 bit increment/decrement codes which could lead to them not being recognized by the engine.
– [GAME] various optimizations on bitwise operators codes
– [ALL] now the text reader allocates it’s buffer on the kernel ram if the screenshoot compatibility mode is enabled (default).
For now this reduces the file size loadable when screenshoot compatibility mode is enabled.
This is the first steep for the text reader file reading management rewrite to let a theoretically indefinite file size while keeping the buffers
as little as possible.
– [IRSHELL] in irshell builds Game name is cleaned when going in game mode, so if the game is missing in the db it won’t be shown as “HOMEBREW”
– [ALL] Added a preliminary undo function in the cheat searcher. Press L while pressing X to enter the continue search to enable this.
– [PACKAGE] Separated the readme file in two files: one exclusively in english and one exclusively in Italian

Download CWCheat 0.1.9 Rev G

CWCheat Universal Cheat Device System [Weltall]

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