Modo Oct 14 – Ultra Simple MOD Player For PSP

by Mike Bendel October 14, 2007 @ 1:59 pm

Bastian Pflieger, otherwise known as wbb, has released an update to Modo, a MOD player for the PSP. It supports a wide variety of module formats such as SPC, S3M, IT, XM and SID.

In addition to the usual bug fixes this release features Atari ST support as well as a faster menu system.

I have updated the player, the following has changed:

* Fixed bug in SID playback, some PSID were refused to play (Thx to Shazz).
* Press Start button in menu to toggle shuffle on/off.
* Menu browsing is now faster, hold up or down to go faster over time.
* In playback mode if you hold L or R it will also go faster over time.
* Added Atari ST support:
o YM files via Leonard’s ST-Sound library.
o SC68 and SNDH files via Ben’s sc68 library.

Download Modo October 14 Update

Modo – ultra simple mod player [QJ]

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