U.S. Congress Committee Wants Answers On PSN Breach

by Mike Bendel April 29, 2011 @ 9:19 pm

It’s no surprise that Sony is under extreme scrutiny for the recent security breach that has left 77 million PSN accounts compromised. Users are furious, and understandably so. Heck, even the U.S. Congress wants answers. In a letter addressed to PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai, the Subcommitte on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade has prepared a list of questions related to the intrusion that occurred earlier this month.

The government types want a reply by no later than May 6, as part of a privacy driven effort “to protect consumer information.”

The letter asks several questions that Sony has not disclosed to the public. Specifically, it asks how many PSN users had a credit card on file and why Sony cannot determine if credit card was stolen.  It also asks for insight into Sony’s plans towards preventing intrusions of this nature going forward.

You can grab the PDF here, courtesy NYTimes.

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