JoySens 1.3

by Mike Bendel October 21, 2007 @ 10:46 pm

Homebrew developer Raphael has released an update to JoySens, an analog sensitivity plugin for the PSP. This release adds a D-Pad / Analog swap function and provides a fix for analog sticks that completely deny to respond in one or two directions.


– Added a rescaling functionality to fix analog sticks that return too small values in either direction (hence
the analog stick wouldn’t react in that direction)
– Added D-Pad/analog swapping
– Made plugin executable smaller by reverting to kernels libc and implementing a fake pow() function rather than linking libm
– Ensured compatibility with homebrew (actually needs the plugin enabled in game150.txt/game3xx.txt depending on the set kernel mode)
– Added FAQ.txt for some frequently asked questions. READ IT BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS!
– Fixed a minor bug that could cause the plugin and the PSP to crash when using the auto-center function

Raphael notes that two versions of the plugin are included in the archive below – one for use with 3.71 M33 only and the other compatible with any 1.5 kernel-based firmware. If you’re running 3.71 M33 with the 1.5 kernel patch, then install both versions.

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the included readme file.

Download JoySens 1.3

JoySens 1.3 is out! [Raphael]

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