Ancel: Rayman Origins UbiArt Framework Will Go Open-Source

by Mike Bendel July 13, 2011 @ 10:07 am

One of the highlights at this year’s E3 was Rayman Origins, a 2D platformer that features beautiful hand-drawn visuals. Ubisoft designer and series creator Michel Ancel says the underlying framework that powers it, dubbed UbiArt, will go open-source eventually.

“It won’t be like the other game technologies, which are often just locked away,” Ancel told Develop.

“If the guys who invented the paintbrush only kept it for themselves then fine art [would be in a sorry state], it would be ephemeral. So yes, I want [UbiArt] to be open source, I want it to go out and be shared and evolved.”

Unlike most game engines that focus on 3D renders, UbiArt aims to simplify the process of importing original art.

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