RCO Editor v1.15b

by Mike Bendel October 27, 2007 @ 8:46 pm

Zinga Burga has released an update to RCO Editor, a PSP XMB customization program that allows users to replace icons, sounds, text data, and page data found in RCO files on the PSP’s flash memory.

This release features support for creating 4 bit and 32 bit GIM files, effectively removing the 256-bit color restriction. Additionally, it is now possible to use 4-bit BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF format files as input.

Changes in 1.15b

* Fixed a bug in the decompression and GIM conversion routine

Changes in 1.15:

* Rewrote GIM <-> BMP conversion routine
– Dimension restrictions removed, as well as the “visible dimension” nonsense (RCO Editor automatically fixes that)
– osk_utility.rco icons no longer cause crashes
– Support for creating 4 bit and 32 bit GIMs (previously, only 8 bit supported) – effectively removing the 256 colour restriction
– You can now use ICO, PNG and GIF files as inputs, in addition to 4 bit BMPs
* Other minor changes and bug fixes
* Added option to disable compressing resources – this is for some 3.7x RCOs not working properly with compression enabled

Download RCO Editor v1.15b

RCO Editor v1.15b Released [Endless Paradigm]

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