PSP Program Template Maker

by Mike Bendel October 28, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

Darkchild and Roe-Ur-Boat have released a Windows-based utility called PSP Program Template Maker, which essentially allows users to set up a basic build environment for writing a PSP program within one click.

* Prepares the MAKEFILE
* Makes a Main.c with the includes and if the user wishes, a sample hello world!
* Creates a batch file for compiling the program
* Copies and modifies MAKEFILE to use PIC1.png ICON1.png and SND0.AT3 in your eboot when it’s compiled!
* And with Roe-Ur-Boat’s help, I’ve added an option that lets the program prepare those files so that when you press the HOME button it will show up the XMB “EXIT GAME” screen

Download PSP Program Template Maker

Release Thread

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