Upcoming AMD Hardware Due Out Soon, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Bundle Planned

by Mike Bendel July 30, 2011 @ 10:35 am

In an interview with Eidos community manager Kyle Stallock at the San Diego Comic Con, AMD’s Peter Ross highlighted several PC-specific perks of Deus Ex: Human Revolution including DX11 and Eyefinity multi-monitor support. More interestingly, he let slip that the game will be bundled with yet-to-be announced AMD hardware due out “very soon.”

“What’s really exciting for us is that we have the opportunity to include the game free with purchase of select new AMD hardware coming very soon,” explained Ross.

Stallock replied, “Does that mean I can get a card too?”, suggesting the mystery hardware is a graphics card. While this could just be a soft refresh of the current HD6000 series, previous rumors have pegged the launch of AMD’s next-generation GPU  for Q4, so the timeframe fits.

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