Duke Nukem 3D PSP Build 97

by Mike Bendel November 18, 2007 @ 1:53 pm

Developer MrPeanut has released a minor update to his PSP compatible build of Johnathan Fowler’s JonoF Duke 3D. The author notes that FMV sequences have been disabled in order to prevent crashing.

The only thing that was changed was disabling FMV so the game won’t crash during those points. I haven’t yet gotten to the point to work on the FMV code. I’m more or less concerned with the sound pitch problem (fixed) and adding custom map support (working on).

Please note that either a shareware version or retail version of the DUKE3D.GRP data file is required to play. Place the file in the Duke3D folder contained in the archive.

Download Duke Nukem 3D PSP Build 97

JFDuke3d for the Sony PSP

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