MapThis 0.5.20

by Mike Bendel November 21, 2007 @ 8:51 pm

PSP homebrew developer Deniska has released an update to MapThis, an advanced portable GPS map navigation software for PSP. Notably this release features improved support for serial GPS devices with PSP Slim units. Slimline compatible receivers include the Holux GPSlim236/240 and M1000-1200.

NEW IN v0.5.20

– Generic serial GPS receivers support (Holux gpslim236-240, M1000-1200 and others) for slim psp
– One version of the program (FW3.XX) supports both PSP-290 and Holux receivers.
Type of receiver can now be selected via configuration screen:
ENABLESERIALPORT=1 – Holux / serial port GPS devices
Note that due to FW limitations the version for 1.0-1.5 firmware does not have support for PSP-290 receiver.
– WiFi upload should now work in all versions of the program. (must be enabled with LOADWIFI=1 flag)
– Variable map scroll speed (controlled via CURSORSPEED=..)
– Zoom in/out animation (toggled with SMOOTHZOOM=1)
– Smooth transition between 2D and bird-view modes
– Sound output controlled programmatically in FW3.xx version. (applies to serial port GPS devices only)
If during program startup the audio/serial connector is not plugged in, the sound is routed to internal speakers.
– Rotating POI icons, better rendering of compass arrows, etc
– Numerous rendering optimizations (as of v05.05)
– Misc bug fixes
– Code cleanup
– Source code included

Download MapThis 0.5.20

MapThis 0.5.20 with Holux support for slim PSPs [DC Emu]

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