On Homebrew Development: A New Beginning

by Mike Bendel November 22, 2007 @ 4:23 pm

LAN.st recently announced a change in strategy for their forums, which directly affects us since we will be taking over their community-aspect of things (although not much will change here).

While LAN.st will be focusing on serious developer-related discussions, we will be improving upon and increasing the volume of our resources for aspiring developers to use as references to improve their programming skill (ultimately to prepare them for the high-level discussions that will take place at LAN.st).

LAN.st’s decision to fully embrace serious developers allows for developers to discuss technical issues and topics without being interrupted by questions like “when will x.xx downgrader come out?”. What does this mean for eXophase.com? Well, we’re being given exclusive rights, through partnership, to report on the latest developments on LAN.st and in the true development-side of the PSP scene.

That being said, I think it is safe to say that eXophase.com will become the best source for information related to your favourite console and you should watch this space.

What we have planned for eXophase.com:

* More start-up homebrew development tutorials.
* More useful code snippets.
* More start-up development documentation.
* The latest homebrew development related news.

If you’d like more information (and to read the LAN.st announcement), click here.

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