iR Shell 3.81

by Warren L. November 22, 2007 @ 10:10 pm

Quick on the fixing, AhMan has just released a maintenance release for iR Shell. For those new to this application, it can be called the swiss-army knife of the PSP. It is a really nifty multi-tasking shell that allows users to run UMD games and homebrew, among many other things, through a unique, user-friendly and appealing menu interface.

If you were having problems loading UMDs from the XMB, then you should definitely update. In general, though, it is usually a good idea to update anyway (unlike when it comes to official firmware from Sony ;)) as Developers don’t like to release things without having reason to.

Remember, if you already have iR Shell 3.8 installed then just download the iR Shell 3.81 Update. Otherwise download the iR Shell 3.81 Full Release.

More details (and a list of bug fixes) can be found after the jump.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a critical bug in the iR Shell firmware patch which results in unable to launch UMD in XMB and also causes various incompatibility issues with other homebrew apps & seplugins. Just apply the new patch and all issues will be resolved.
* Fixed a bug in Contect Menu which wouldn’t allow you to choose “Select” or “Start” menu items.

Installation Instructions:
* If you’ve already installed iR Shell 3.8, download iR Shell 3.81 Update which only contains update files. Unzip it and merge to your existing iR Shell installation and apply the new firmware patch.
* If you haven’t installed iR Shell 3.8, download iR Shell 3.81 Full Release which is a complete distribution with all updates included. Then, install as usual, don’t forget to apply the firmware patch.

Download iR Shell 3.81 UPDATE
Download iR Shell 3.81 FULL

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