Video: PS Vita Says ‘Hello World’ Through PSP Emulator

by Mike Bendel December 30, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

Another coder who wishes to remain anonymous has managed to pull off a ‘Hello World’ on PS Vita. While the feat isn’t based on teck4’s earlier exploit, it does share the same approach, in that it executes code from within a PSP environment.

It’s a proof of concept at this stage, with some timely visuals added for good measure. Take a gander at the video above to see it in action. Firmware 1.510 was used for testing, the latest available at the moment.

Unless there’s a way to break the sandbox, this will not led to native access on the Vita — at least, not by itself. There’s no telling what further research might lead to.

For obvious reasons the finer details of the exploit are being kept under wraps and will likely stay that way for research purposes. It’d take only a swift patch from Sony to render this useless so there’s not much point in a public release, as you can imagine.

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