Sony Removes Hot Shots Tennis from PS Store Over Vita Exploit

by Mike Bendel March 27, 2012 @ 11:52 am

Sony has pulled Hot Shots Tennis, also known as Everybody’s Tennis Portable, after an exploit that took advantage of a save game vulnerability was made public a few days ago. Motorstorm Arctic Edge was removed in a similar fashion earlier this month, and to date it has not returned for purchase on the PlayStation Store. Additionally, even those that bought it prior to removal are unable to download.

The exploit specifically targets the PS Vita, although in actuality it is anĀ adaptedĀ PSP exploit, allowing users to run unsigned code (homebrew) inside the built-in PSP emulator. Being able to access any native Vita bits through the emulator is unlikely due to the sandbox nature of the emulator, but the possibility — however minute — seems to worry Sony.

Hopefully Sony can come up with a quick fix to give download rights back to those that purchased either title, but given that almost a month has gone by following MotorStorm’s removal with no word on its status, things aren’t looking hopeful. We have to wonder how many more games will suffer a similar fate — it’s not as if the homebrew crowd is going to simply give up.

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