PixelJunk 4am Now Available on PSN

by David Sanchez May 15, 2012 @ 1:28 pm

The Q-Games-developed PixelJunk 4am has landed on the PlayStation Network. The sad news is that this means the awesome PixelJunk sale that kicked off last week is officially over. Did you snag all of the PixelJunk games for cheap? I sure as hell did!

Sad news aside, there’s also some happy news! That happy news is that there’s a new PixelJunk game, which is great. PixelJunk 4am provides an experience unlike previous games in the series, focusing highly on visual and audio elements that utilize the PlayStation Move controller.

If you take a look at the comments section on a PlayStation Blog post by PixelJunk 4am lead designer Rowan Parker, you’ll find a lot of individuals who don’t seem too keen on the game based on their experiences with the beta. As has been explained in that same comments section, the PixelJunk 4am beta didn’t allow gamers to play the game and instead only allowed them to listen to other players’ (press and friends of the devs) performances.

It may take a while for some good content to come from other players now that the game is available on the PlayStation Network, but in the meantime, why not create your own mixes? PixelJunk 4am is available now for $9.99.

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