New PS3 Model (CECH-4000 Series) Photos Leak, Possible 16GB Variant Outed

by Mike Bendel July 13, 2012 @ 2:52 pm

Earlier this month, it was rumored that Sony was working on yet another PS3 hardware revision via an FCC filing. Now, a series of photos and additional information has surfaced for what is known as the CECH-4000 family of PS3 hardware. The discovery comes from Anatel, the Brazilian equivalent of FCC, courtesy of Tecnoblog.

As far as looks go, the new design appears to sport a smoky black exterior with noticeable ridges on top. Like the previous Slim revision, it also includes two USB ports at the front base of the unit. The standard set of Ethernet, HDMI, and power connector ports are situated along the rear.

According to a document supplied with the filing, the CECH-4000 revision – specifically referred to as CECH-4011 for the Brazilian market – will be sold in three different configurations, each sporting a specific storage size. The complete list of models include a 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB hard drive variant.

The inclusion of a 16GB model is notable. This could either be a typo or a cheaper model designed to compete with Microsoft’s 4GB Xbox 360. If the latter, it’s safe to assume the storage provided is a module of flash memory rather than a typical hard drive.

More photos after the break.

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