PlayStation Mobile SDK To Incorporate Trophies and Leaderboards

by Mike Bendel August 15, 2012 @ 12:21 pm

While Sony’s trophy system has been reserved only for PS3 and PS Vita efforts thus far, the company reportedly plans on opening up the API to access these features from any PlayStation-certified device, such as mobile phones like the Xperia Play. This would allow developers using the PlayStation Mobile SDK to eventually incorporate such functionality.

The tidbit comes from indie studio¬†Vlambeer, which has been working closely with Sony to bring iOS hit Super Crate Box to PlayStation Mobile. Studio co-founder Rami Ismail told The Verge that he was “assured” that trophies and leaderboards are en-route, but couldn’t offer up a specific timeframe.

It’s not clear if the system will be fully integrated or separate from the Vita and PS3 counterparts. At any rate,¬†Microsoft’s Windows Phone ecosystem also ties in with Xbox achievements, so it’s not entirely surprising to see Sony follow suit.

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