Closure Brightens Things Up On Steam Next Month

by David Sanchez August 27, 2012 @ 7:11 am

Developer Eyebrow Interactive has announced that Closure will be making its way to Steam on September 7. The game was originally released on the PlayStation Network back in March. That version was based on a free Flash game, but it took what that version of Closure offered and refined the entire experience.

Eyebrow Interactive’s side-scrolling puzzle platformer has received a good amount of praise for its light-and-dark-based gameplay, as well as its sound design. The title has even won a couple of awards, making it quite the decorated indie game.

If you’ve been wanting to play Closure on your PC or Mac, be sure to watch out for this upcoming release of the game. It’s set to feature some nice Steam-exclusive extras including an unlockable developer commentary mode. Get ready to enter the darkness once more next month

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