Smaller, Lighter PS3 Model (CECH-4000) Debuts In September

by Mike Bendel September 18, 2012 @ 10:35 pm

Sony’s formally announced plans to release a smaller and lighter PS3 model this September, effectively replacing the current configuration. Known internally as the CECH-4000 series – as revealed in a leak last July – the new PS3 has been redesigned from an architectural standpoint.

Sony says the internal volume and weight of the new PS3 hardware has been reduced by 20 % and 25% respectively over the current slim model.

The smaller and lighter PS3 will hit US stores on September 25 as part of a bundle pack-in with Uncharted 3: Game of the Year Edition. It’ll set you back $269.99 and includes a 250GB HDD, plus a voucher for more than $30 worth of bonus content for DUST 514. Another bundle – packing a 500GB hard drive – will arrive on October 30 with Assassin’s Creed III. Sony has yet to set a firm price on this offering.

In the UK, the new PS3 will be introduced with a 500GB base model on September 28. Another model (CECH-ZHD1) with 12GB of flash-based storage will hit the region on October 12, alongside an optional 250GB HDD attachment which will be sold separately. There’s no word yet on if this particular model will make its way over to the states.

Hit the break for front view shot of the new PS3 along with the complete spec sheet.

Specifications (CECH-4000 series) PlayStation 3

Product name PlayStation®3
Release date UK:                    September  28th, 2012 (HDD 500GB)October 12th , 2012  (Flash Memory 12GB)
Product code CECH-4000series  (Charcoal Black / Classic White)
CPU Cell Broadband Engine™
Audio output LPCM 7.1ch, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, AAC.
Memory 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
Storage size CECH-4000A :  Flash Memory 12GBCECH-4000B :  HDD 500GB*1
Inputs/Outputs*2 Hi-Speed USB
(USB 2.0)
Networking Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) × 1
IEEE 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth® 2.0 (EDR)
Controller Wireless Controller ?Bluetooth®?
AV output Resolution 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i (for PAL 576p, 576i)
HDMI OUT connector*3 1
AV MULTI OUT connector 1
Digital out (optical) connector 1
drive (read only)
Maximum read rate BD × 2 (BD-ROM)
CD × 24 (CD-ROM)
Power AC 220 – 240, 50/60Hz*4
Power consumption Approx. 190W
External dimensions(excluding maximum projecting part ) Approx. 290 × 60 × 230 mm (width × height × length)
Mass Approx. 2.1kg *5
Included *6 PlayStation®3 system × 1
Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®3) × 1
AC power cord × 1
AV cable × 1
USB cable × 1

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