Steam Big Picture Mode Finally Exits Beta, Valve Launches Sale In Celebration

by Mike Bendel December 3, 2012 @ 10:37 am

It’s been a long time coming, but Valve’s announced that Big Picture Mode for Steam is finally out of beta. The feature allows users to seamlessly browse the Steam interface with only a controller. All that’s required to activate it is an HDMI connection to your TV set.  Additionally, to celebrate the occasion, Valve is running a sale that highlights a variety of controller-enabled titles.

The full list includes hits like Limbo, Shank 2, Alan Wake, Audiosurf, and Left 4 Dead. With discounts up to 75%, the sale runs until December 10.

Notably, Valve has separated games that support controllers into two categories, those with full and partial support. Full support means the game will work without having a mouse at all — even the installation process. Games listed under partial support may require a mouse from time to time, either for installation or “limited interactions.” Handy if you plan on playing games exclusively on the big screen. Hit up this link to view the full list on Steam.

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