PlayStation 2 Production in Japan Has Officially Ended

by David Sanchez December 28, 2012 @ 1:34 pm

PlayStation 2

Back in 2000, the very first shipment of PlayStation 2 consoles hit the scene in Japan and became an instant success. Here we are more than a decade later and it looks like it is now officially the end of an era. As reported on Famitsu, the PlayStation 2 has ceased shipping in Japan, marking the very end of the console’s life cycle.

Okay, so I’m obviously exaggerating, but you have to admit that the PlayStation 2 was alive and kicking in Japan for quite a long time. After launching on March 4, 2000 and selling well over 150 million units, Sony’s second gaming console became a household name and mainstay for many video game aficionados.

The success of the machine was certainly well deserved. Simply put, the PlayStation 2 offered some of the best gaming experiences and exclusive IPs of all time. After about 13 years of service, however, it was time for it retire. Enjoy your much deserved rest, PlayStation 2. A lot of us will see you again soon to battle through that backlog.

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