DmC Devil May Cry PC Hits 200 FPS on Top Graphic Cards

by Mike Bendel January 14, 2013 @ 2:53 pm

While Capcom had to dial back the frame rate on the console version of DmC Devil May Cry down to 30 FPS, half that of what its predecessors ran at, it seems the game is nothing more than a pushover for your average gaming PC.  This is welcoming news, as some were expecting that Capcom’s desire to push more eye candy might make the 60 FPS target more difficult to reach for those not packing the latest and greatest hardware.

German website PC Games Hardware put the title through its paces on PC and found that even a mid range GeForce GTX460 card was able to drive Dante’s latest at over 90 FPS at a resolution of 1080p. Top of the line cards such as the GeForce GTX670 and AMD Radeon HD7970 managed over 200 FPS at the same settings, leaving plenty of headroom for AA and multi-monitor configurations.

You can take a glimpse the peformance breakdown below.


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