Valve Officially Launches Steam Guides

by Mike Bendel January 17, 2013 @ 3:23 pm

Valve’s officially went live with Steam Guides, an extension of the Steam Community experience that harnesses the power of community contributed content with user-created guides, walkthroughs, and tips. Available guides can be found on the official Steam Guides page or any of Steam’s dedicated game pages. Currently, the total number of contributed guides is hovering around 1024, which isn’t too shabby for having just launched.

Guides can be accessed straight from your web browser or from within the confines of the Steam overlay while playing a game. It’s a smart move: eventually Steam will have such a vast knowledge base there will less of a reason to browse away from it if you’re looking for hints and tips for a particular game. The wiki-like format of the guides make them easy to browse and navigate as well.

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