Retro City Rampage Dev Says PSN Sold More Than All Other Versions

by David Sanchez February 28, 2013 @ 7:10 am

Retro City Rampage

Indie developer Brian Provinciano has confirmed that the PlayStation Network version of Retro City Rampage has far eclipsed all other iterations of the game in terms of sales. The NES-style Grand Theft Auto-inspired crime adventure was downloaded more on the Vita than any other platform, including the PlayStation 3.

“Indies should definitely jump onto the PS Vita. RCR‘s sold much more on PSN than XBLA and more on PS Vita than even PS3,” tweeted Provinciano. “Steam’s done far better than XBLA too, but PSN has still done the best.”

The developer noted that Sony promoted Retro City Rampage well and also stated that Vita owners were looking for content, which made that version of the indie game a no-brainer for a lot of individuals. Provinciano didn’t bash Xbox Live Arcade, though. He explained that it was simply a more expensive platform to develop for and called it a “learning experience.”

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