Lone Survivor Infects PS3, PS Vita This Summer

by David Sanchez March 13, 2013 @ 6:10 pm

Lone Survivor

Curve Studios has announced that it’s bringing indie gem Lone Survivor to the PlayStation 3 and Vita this summer. The game, developed by Jasper Byrne of Superflat Games, originally launched for the PC, where it delivered a genuinely chilling and haunting 2D experience set in a world filled with infection and plague.

Lone Survivor will include brand new exclusive content when it lands on Sony’s platforms in a few months. In addition to Trophies, the game will feature cross-buy and cross-play functionality. Additionally, Byrne is planning to incorporate touchscreen controls for inventory management. The dev expressed excitement at the notion of releasing his treasured title on the PlayStation 3 and Vita. “Lone Survivor‘s release on PlayStation consoles is a dream come true for me,” said Byrne. “I’ve been a big fan of Sony’s hardware all my life. I really hope PS3 and Vita owners enjoy the game and its new content.”

Curve Director Richie Turner is also pretty stoked about teaming up with Byrne to bring Lone Survivor to a brand new audience. “We’re very happy to be partnering with Jasper on this project,” he stated. “I’ve always been a massive fan of Lone Survivor and PS Vita is the perfect platform for the game. The Cross Save functionality means players will always be up to date if they’re playing on PS3.”

In addition to working on Lone Survivor, Curve is also collaborating with UK-based indie dev Mike Bithell on bringing his hit puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone to the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The studio previously worked on the Fluidity games, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, and Explodemon.

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