Halo 3 PC Evidence Mounts While Microsoft Denies Its Existence

by Mike Bendel March 18, 2013 @ 10:57 am

Following a discovery within Steam’s leaky registry files last month, a profile entry for Halo 3 has turned up in the latest beta of AMD’s Catalyst driver set. Unless someone at AMD is doing this just for kicks, it means Halo 3 PC is actually a thing. After all, they wouldn’t be readying optimized driver bits if it wasn’t, right?

That said, Microsoft is still denying any existence of a port.

“We currently do not have plans to release any Halo titles on Steam, nor do we currently have plans to release a PC version of Halo 3,” a spokesperson told Eurogamer.

Despite a complete denial, with the recent Age of Empires II announcement that seemingly came out of nowhere, we still wouldn’t be surprised if Halo receives similar treatment at this point.