Rumor: Nvidia Prepping Slimmed Down GK110 With 5GB VRAM, Possible GTX 780?

by Mike Bendel March 18, 2013 @ 2:48 pm

Citing unnamed sources, a report from Swedish overclocking site Sweclockers claims Nvidia is prepping a slimmed down card based on its GK110 Kepler architecture. Reportedly, the card will boast 5GB of VRAM on a 320-bit memory bus, coupled with 2496 CUDA cores. The same site broke the news of Nvidia’s Geforce Titan ahead of its announcement, so there’s a good chance this information is on the mark.

Comparatively, the GeForce Titan has 2688 CUDA cores, a 384-bit memory bus, 6 GB of GDDR5. Therefore, this card is looking like a slight downgrade, at least on paper. It would however, fill the price gap nicely between the $500 GTX680 and $1000 Titan, especially if Nvidia has a second cut-down variant ready, like a GTX770.

The card will reportedly launch around July to August. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t expect Nvidia to price these too aggressively unless AMD has new cards in the pipeline as well.