4.00 CFW To Feature In-XMB Recovery, Savestate Functionality

by Mike Bendel June 21, 2008 @ 3:22 pm

For those eagerly awaiting a 4.00 based custom firmware, homebrew developer Mathieulh has shed light on two features planned for Dark_AleX’s next major CFW release on PSP.

The first is an in-XMB recovery mode, which will allow settings to be modified straight from within the PSP’s main menu screen. Second is the inclusion of savestate support. Users will be able to save their progress at any given time while playing a UMD title, restart the game, and then load up the respective save to resume play from where they left off. It has not yet been decided if the savestate feature will be directly integrated in the firmware or released as an add-on plugin, however.

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