Dark_AleX: 4.00 M33 Expected This Week, Status Update

by Mike Bendel June 23, 2008 @ 3:34 pm

Alek has received word from homebrew developer Dark_AleX that custom firmware 4.00 M33 will likely be released by the tail end of this week. The firmware will include several internal changes, complete with an utility – primarily geared towards shell developers – for compressing PRX modules and PBP format files.

Additionally, the in-XMB recovery and savestate features outlined by Mathieulh last week will likely not be included in the initial 4.00 M33 release, but rather in a separate update.

The in-XMB recovery will feature multi-language support, allowing users to easily translate text strings into their native language without the need of hex editing files.

About 4.00 M33 [Alek]

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