Hey, Listen - A Story about Xbox One Demos

by Justin Baillargeon June 15, 2013 @ 6:38 pm

Durango String

Over the past 24 hours a lot of information has been flying around that suggested Xbox One demos were running on high-end PC hardware. That “information” was actually just a single picture, seen here. The picture showed a LocoCycle demo cabinet open, revealing a Nvidia GeForce GPU – even though the next gen consoles are using AMD ATI hardware.

Only on LocoCycle

That was a single demo unit, a single developer. Following the publishing of the picture, Michael Wilford went to Twitter to explain that the decision to use PC hardware was solely made by Twisted Pixel, the developers of LocoCycle.

Fantasia Running on Dev Unit

Even though Wilford himself has confirmed this, people from all around the world still have their pitchforks out aimed at Microsoft. In order to clarify some of the rumors, Daniel Chace, of Harmonix, confirmed that their E3 demos were indeed running on Xbox One hardware –

Durango Software Version – Project Spark

Further confirmation of Xbox One devkits being used at E3: The first day of E3 Mike and myself received some hands-on time with the Project Spark demo and are able to confirm that the demo was running on a Xbox One developer kit. At the top of this post you’ll find a picture I took of the bottom right-hand corner of the Project Spark demo screen. You can clearly see the Xbox One software version that is running with the game.


With all that said, the case of the Xbox One using a higher-spec’d PC seem to be isolated to LocoCycle only.

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