Nvidia Drops Prices on GTX 780, GTX 770 Graphics Cards

by Mike Bendel October 28, 2013 @ 9:18 am

In lieu of the upcoming GTX 780 Ti debut on November 7, Nvidia has cut prices on both the GTX 780 and GTX 770. Effective tomorrow, the cards are being reduced to $500 and $329 respectively.

This is a hefty drop: the GTX 780 in particular previously cost $650. It all comes on top of an aggressive bundle package, which includes Batman: Arkham Origins, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, plus $100 off a SHIELD purchase.

The move certainly places Nvidia in a better spot relative to the competition. Last week AMD released its R9 290X, GPU, which retails for $550. Although a faster part, trading 10% less performance to save $50 plus Nvidia’s bundle offering is undoubtedly going to make some consumers think twice this holiday season. AMD however will likely position the non-x R290 to counter these cuts and fill the void in-between the $350-500 range.

At any rate, it’s great to see competition heating things up in the GPU market.