Nintendo Reports $230 Million Loss in Sales

by David Sanchez May 7, 2014 @ 9:10 am

Nintendo Co President Iwata bows during their strategy and earnings briefings in Tokyo

Things are a bit ugly for Nintendo as the company has reported quite a hefty loss in its latest earnings report. As of the end of the fiscal year, March 31, the Wii U and 3DS manufacturer is reporting a loss of 23.2 billion yen, or roughly $230 million.

Wii U sales failed to meet their expectations, hitting 2.72 million units shipped worldwide for the fiscal year. That’s considerably low when you take into account the fact that the console sold 3.45 million units the previous fiscal year despite only being in the market for four months. As expected, estimates for the Wii U during the next year have been lowered to 3.6 million.

The 3DS was able to push a solid number of units, reaching 12.24 sales. Despite this overall good number, sales still fell below the previous year’s, when the handheld reached 13.95 million.

It’s a tough time for Nintendo and the Wii U. But hey, at least the 3DS is doing pretty great!

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