Super Street Fighter 4 Departs from Games for Windows Live

by David Sanchez May 31, 2014 @ 12:14 pm

Super Street Fighter IV

Considering the Games for Windows Live platform will soon be defunct, it only makes sense for games like Super Street Fighter 4 to get removed.

The problematic service will no longer be active as of this coming August, so Steam will be the mainstay of Capcom’s fighter as far as the PC is concerned. That means we get a cool sale to commemorate the occasion! You can snag Super Street Fighter 4 on Steam for $7.49, a whopping 75 percent off its $30 price tag.

Unfortunately, the removal of the game from Games for Windows Live also means players who own that version may lose some content. According to Joystiq, costume DLC is tied to the Super Street Fighter 4 game disc, so some losses are to be expected.

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