Basilisk II For PSP: MAC OS Emulator

by Mike Bendel July 21, 2008 @ 5:26 pm

Homebrew developer Chilly Willy has released the first official build of his PSP port of Basilisk II, a 68k Macintosh emulator supporting OS 7.01 through 8.1. Based on the Basilisk II JIT project, Chilly’s PSP port features use of UAE CPU emulation, along with new SoftFloat FPU emulation for increased compatibility.

In addition to 44kHz audio support, this version of Basilisk for PSP supports on-the-fly change of desktop colors and resolution, as well as support for mounting the PSP’s memory stick as a media device. Other features include support for the extra RAM on slim units and the ability to use TV-out.

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* Emulates a Mac II series machine running OS 7.0.1 through 8.1, depending on the ROM used.
* Uses UAE CPU emulation, with new SoftFloat FPU emulation for better compatibility.
* The PSP memstick can be mounted on the Mac desktop (requires File Manager 1.2).
* Supports on-the-fly change of colors and resolution (requires Display Manager).
* Has stereo, 16-bit, 44kHz audio (requires Sound Manager 3.0).
* Supports emulated floppy and CDROM with removable media (no CD audio yet).
* Supports up to four hardfiles for use as fixed drives.
* UDP tunnel for AppleTalk networking across WIFI (no general networking yet).
* Emulates a Mac Extended ADB keyboard and mouse. Buttons can be remapped on-the-fly, and popular IR keyboards are supported on the Phat PSP.
* Supports extra memory and TV out on the Slim PSP.

As always, for usage and installation instructions, make sure to refer to the included readme file. Also note that you must have a copy of Apple’s MAC OS in order to legally use Basilisk II.

Download Basilisk II for PSP / Basilisk II for PSP with in-depth guide

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