Hacker Runs Blu-ray Backups From Hard Drive On PS3

by Mike Bendel August 15, 2008 @ 10:11 am

According to internet reports, a hacker going by the alias SKFU has managed to run a Blu-ray disc backup on the PS3. Details are sketchy and the actual hack has yet to be released, but at minimum you’ll need a 60GB hard drive and original disc in order to pull this off, along with a “special” dump of the game you want to run from HDD.

The author further notes that the hack does work without issue on the latest PS3 firmware (2.42) and three games have been tested successfully thus far, one of those being Warhawk. We’ll refrain from commenting on the obvious legal implications of this hack. One thing is for sure, Sony will likely release a firmware patching the flaw as soon as possible.

Update: Hacker slaagt in back-ups laden op de PlayStation 3 [PS3-Sense]

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