Phantasy Star Portable U.S. Bound In March 2009

by Mike Bendel October 15, 2008 @ 4:37 pm

As part of an extensive interview with director Satoshi Sakai, 1UP has received official word from SEGA that the currently Japan-only PSP RPG Phantasy Star Portable is scheduled to reach North American shores in March 2009.

Phantasy Star Portable will feature four co-op, in addition to the standard single player campaign. However, like the original Japanese release, the multiplayer aspect supports only local ad-hoc wireless connections, rather than infrastructure as many would have hoped for. Still, there’s hope. Sakai mentioned that SEGA is looking at taking advantage of newfangled functionality found in the PlayStation 3 that allows ad-hoc titles to be played over the internet. For reference, Capcom announced earlier this month that the localized release of Monster Hunter 2nd G would make use of the same functionality.

Phantasy Star Portable Coming to the U.S. in March [1UP]

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